McCain Suspends Campaign


What the . . .? Has he totally lost it? Is there some evil-genius ploy in here that I’m just missing and he thinks will somehow win him the election? I have to say that I’ve been asking myself that question a lot with McCain’s campaign. (Until further notice, I will tell myself that he’s convinced he is going to lose the election and wants to be able to say when it’s all said and done that he just lost because he’s so fucking noble.)

0 thoughts on “McCain Suspends Campaign

  1. Alison Carrington

    I’ll tell you what this is: an acknowledgement that no amount of campaigning is going to win the race for McCain. Palin was his last shot at shaking things up enough to turn it in his favor, but even that only lasted just a short while. McCain is trying desperately to appear as a leader, to appear “outside” of the partisan bickering, because half of his fucking campaign has been living in Freddie Mac’s pocket and his only noteworthy tie to economic policy was his brilliant idea to make social security privatized.

    This is ridiculous and pathetic. I almost feel sorry for him.

  2. Ryan

    If the stock market is up on Monday he’ll take full credit for saving the economy. Country first, amirite?

    What I find particularly ironic here is that this move essentially says that he is supporting the necessity of a bail-out 100%. However, the reason that he has to go to Washington is not to contribute in any way to the legislation but rather to convince Republicans to support the bill.

    Well why can’t he just say, “Hey, support that bill!”? Because all the republicans in the house are either a) paralyzed by free market ideology or b) so politically desperate to disagree with Bush about anything (the bail-out) that they do not care what it is: they require the in person urgings of McCain to move forward.

    Two more things, how convenient that McCain is proposing to reschedule this Friday’s debate in place of the VP debate (with no concrete plans to reschedule it). Second, why exactly can’t his running mate step up to the plate and manage the campaign in his absence? Is running a campaign or speaking in front of a camera too much to expect from might be my future president Palin?

  3. mzbitca

    It’s starting to look part being terrified, part trying to hault his dropping in the polls and part trying to prevent Palin from debating since they are now suggesting the debate take place when the vp debate was supposed to and rescheduling that for “later”

  4. jovan byars

    McCain pulled a political stunt. That is all I have to say about that. And his motto is “country first”? Country first my ass. McCain had 25 years to put his country first and he never did.


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