Via Hoyden About Town comes this article about the latest Republican dirty election tactic (which should surprise none of us). But one sentence, well, really stuck out at me. Emphasis mine:

Republican John McCain is facing accusations of using a false crusade against voter fraud to suppress legitimate votes as battles over who ought to be able to cast a ballot in the November 4 election intensified.

The top lawyer for the Barack Obama campaign, Bob Bauer, accused Republicans of recklessly “plotting” to suppress legitimate votes and to “sow confusion and harass voters and complicate the process for millions of Americans.”

An estimated nine million new voters have registered for the hotly contested presidential election, and the Obama campaign says Democratic registrations are outpacing Republican ones by four to one.

The McCain campaign contends that an untold number of those registration forms are false and warned that illegally cast ballots could alter the results of the election and undermine the public’s faith in democracy.

We’re supposed to believe that Republicans, are worried about voter fraud and “undermining the public’s faith in democracy”?

Well there you go; sometimes I am left speechless.

0 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Alison Carrington

    They actually had an article about this in The Chronicle yesterday, and I thought the exact same thing. Except my thought was more along the “they’re going to try and discredit his win, because they know he is going to win and that’s the only dirty trick left in the bucket” line.

    It’s going to be 2000 all over again, I’m just waiting for it to happen.

  2. SunlessNick

    We’re supposed to believe that Republicans, are worried about voter fraud

    Of course you are, silly. The Republicans are benevolent and good, with only honesty and concern for your welfare in their hearts. Of course they want you to have faith in democracy – at least the word democracy, since that is the excuse-word they use to justify undermining minor things like civil liberties and the constitution. And besides, if the Democrats were to engage in voter fraud, it might cancel out their own.

    (Ok, that’s as much sarcasm as I can manage in one go).


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