0 thoughts on “Beatles!!! Rock Band!!!

  1. Brinstar

    I’m excited about this because Beatles songs are actually within my vocal range, for the most part. A lot of the vocals in SingStar and Rock Band are too difficult for me, but I still find them a lot of fun. Whee!

  2. Cara Post author

    I’m excited because I GET TO PLAY BEATLES SONGS!!! Hehe. You mean I get to sing some Lennon vocals, and play some Harrison guitar and McCartney bass (I so can’t play drums)? *swoon* My husband and I have seriously been fantasizing about this since the first Guitar Hero was released.

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  4. Brinstar

    After I got Rock Band, I pretty much switched over to drums and vocals almost exclusively, so the skills I learned in Guitar Hero have atrophied. :-

    I’m glad MTV/Harmonix picked up the rights to this. I don’t think Activision/Neversoft, the publisher and developer who now own the rights to the Guitar Hero franchise, would have done nearly as good a job. Though, really MTV is pretty much the only company, besides possibly Sony, that could have gotten the Beatles into a msuci game.

  5. meerkat

    Thanks. I haven’t played this genre of game before (Taiko no Tatsujin is the only music-playing game I have done) so I didn’t know what to think.


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