Can I Vote?

I just called my brother to see if I could hitch a ride with him down to the polls later on today. (I could walk, but it’s a mile each way and I’m lazy so I’d prefer not to.) I was really sure that he was planning on voting — for Christ’s sake, he’s holding an election watch party tonight. But when I asked, he sounded all nervous and unsure. So I said: “What, are you not planning to vote???” He told me reluctantly that he wasn’t sure if he was registered.

I personally knew that he was. He registered the exact same way that I did, for extra credit in high school when he was 17, and he still lives at home. But he might not have bothered to go check. And he also didn’t know how to check.

So how do you check?

Please, remember that URL just in case.   And it never hurts to call up friends and family to double-check that they have voted or are planning on voting.  As it turns out, without directly asking you never know.

0 thoughts on “Can I Vote?

  1. rich

    That’s critical information, glad you put it out there. As someone who voted absentee, sometimes it can be frustrating to find eligibility and precinct info, even when you talk to an election official directly. Though I’m feeling pretty good about the election, the fact that voter turnout is always lower than polled for Dems and higher for the GOP (don’t mean to presume your bro’s party affiliation by the way) is a sobering thought.


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