Yoko Ono on Barack Obama

This morning, Yoko Ono — who previously refused to take a stance on the election, saying that she preferred grassroots organizing — posted an open letter showing that she too has gotten caught up in the Obama craze.  She gets the catchphrase wrong, but I think the sentiment still holds true, certainly enough to get me crying with her.

Dear Friends

How I reacted the night Obama became president:

Just crying…like most people on the streets of N.Y, or in the world that night, from joy…and other complex emotions which had to do with the work we all did for the longest years trusting in miracles.

I had a strong urge for John to be here, physically, to give me a hug. I got over that urge a long time ago, since I knew that John was with me in spirit, and working with me all this time. But this night was different. I felt John and I needed to hug each other physically. I cried hardest when everybody started chanting WE CAN DO IT!

Then I retreated to a long, long silence – In the end I saw a little candle lit in my heart.

We are not abandoned – if you even had the smallest doubt.
Miracles do happen.
It keeps on happening. Daily.
We are the miracle.
This time it was spelled out to us in a big way.
To even the dimmest, the most cynical – to all of us, to the world.

Read the full letter here.

I too think that John would be very happy right now, don’t you?

0 thoughts on “Yoko Ono on Barack Obama

  1. Paul

    If there is an afterlife I’m sure John is celebrating Obama’s win

    It’s weird to think that John would be almost 70 if he were still alive

    Would probably be “Sir John” by now too

  2. Cara Post author

    You know, I’ve actually always thought that if offered a knighthood, John would have rejected it — and also probably made fun of Macca for accepting 🙂 (Of course, I’m also not sure if England would offer a knighthood to someone who returned their MBE, and to someone who had taken up residence in another country. And is Yoko a citizen by now? I kind of assumed that she is and that John would be too.)


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