Olbermann Speaks Out on Prop 8

Like Jill, I find that Keith Olbermann can really get on my nerves, but I also think that he sometimes deserves credit. This is one of those times. I particularly appreciate it because one of my biggest criticisms of Olbermann is that he’s one of those liberal white guys who thinks he’s super leftist, but doesn’t seem to care too much about those “identity politics” issues. Here, he takes the time to care and act like he means it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out.


I only wished he’d said something like this before the election.

0 thoughts on “Olbermann Speaks Out on Prop 8

  1. Kristen

    “I only wished he’d said something like this before the election.”

    I know among my “progressive” friends, we didn’t think or talk much about Prop 8 because we thought it was a slam dunk. Of course California wasn’t going to strip away same-sex marriage rights. Double dumbass on us, I guess.

    I gave a little to the No campaign, particularly after Pam pointed out all the money going to the Yes side, but most of my mental, social and financial energy went to the Obama campaign. In retrospect, I wish my husband and I had ordered our priorities a little differently. Time machine anyone?

  2. Melinda

    You know, it kind of sounds like you’re saying Jill gets on your nerves. I know that’s not what you meant, but just throwing that out there.

  3. Cara A.

    I agree, I’m not Olbermann’s biggest fan, but everything he said hit the nail on the head.

    The fact that interracial marriage was illegal only 40 years ago, and that it is legal now, gives me hope that same sex marriage will be legalized in every state during my lifetime. And then there will be no need for the term “same sex marriage”. I can’t wait to see that day. I still have hope.

  4. Melissa

    Cara A. – that sounds like such a wonderful thing. To not have the use the term “same sex marriage” I have to have hope that we can get there.

  5. Neon

    Gay marriage will be legalized in about twelve states over the next ten years (I’m guessing). I don’t think we’ll ever see every state legalizing same sex marriage because states like Utah and Georgia don’t want it to be legal. In 2010 it’s likely that Oregon will legalize it and California will pass another proposition resembling prop 8 after this one is knocked down in court.


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