Social Networking

I’m not yet ready to start writing here again.  It’s still too much; hopefully at the beginning of next week.

But in the meantime I’ve picked up other less time-consuming and emotionally invested forms of online communication.  In fact, I’ve become a little bit of a social network junkie.  I’ve started actually using my twitter.  And today I started a tumblr blog, which I think just kicks twitter’s ass as a platform.

You can follow me on either and/or subscribe to my tumblr’s rss feed.  Oh, and you can leave comments.  I love comments.  There will be feminism, I’m sure, and also personal stuff, random stuff, and undoubtedly lots and lots of Beatles.  Fun for everyone, it seems.

Anyone else using tumblr?  I need people to follow.  And also I can’t figure out any good way to search/browse the site to find good blogs.  Help me out!

You can become a fan of the blog on Facebook, too.

That is all.  Come keep me company.

0 thoughts on “Social Networking

  1. abby jean

    i’m on tumblr! i talk mainly about social justice issues – today i’ve talked about commercial surrogacy in india, the effect of the US drug war on mexico, why soldiers who killed someone are more likely to support the war, and why LA is spending tons of money and city energy on a single elephant while thousands are homeless. oof! that’s a lot!

    i suggest finding out who is following you (, then click on the number following you) and checking out theirs to see if you like them. then just look for reblogs of other people, etc, to widen your network. there is no good way to search for interesting or topical blogs on tumblr. 😦

  2. Cara Post author

    Yay, someone new to follow! And thanks. Now I just have to get you to tell me how to get stuff in your sidebar. Is it about which template you choose, or are they widgets that you paste into the html code?

  3. abby jean

    it’s about the template you choose. i did a search for free tumblr templates and there’s a lot to choose from. it helps if you have some basic html skills to do the customization, but it tells you how to paste it into the tumblr box so it all works right.

    if you like the one i use, you can find it at
    i then customized the “about me”, the links, and it adds the tiny icons for the people i’m following automatically.

    i also recommend browsing around other people’s sites – most of the templates are free and pretty easy to find so you should be able to copy anything you find that you like.

  4. SunlessNick

    I’m afraid I haven’t got a clue how to work any of that stuff. But…

    It’s still too much; hopefully at the beginning of next week.

    I second what Renee said. Come back when you’re ready – don’t feel any obligation to rush it.

  5. Cara Post author

    I’m afraid I haven’t got a clue how to work any of that stuff.

    I’m still just learning . . . but you can read tumblr like any other blog!

  6. Ouyangdan

    I have been a little behind in some of my blog reading, so my most heartfelt condolences to you…

    Take all the time you need…

    But I did notice you started following me on twitter, which is exciting since I have barely used it thus far.


  7. KaeLyn

    I barely use my Twitter account, but I will make sure I follow you! Nice to hear from you and take all the time you need. 🙂

  8. Isabel

    i love tumblr so much i decided to use it as an actual blog (not that i blog much with, you know, school). totally following you now! (and i agree, tumblr is way better than twitter).


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