Women, Action and the Media Conference

I will presenting at this year’s Women, Action and the Media Conference (WAM!) on March 27-29, 2009.  It will also be my first time attending the conference, and my first time giving a major presentation, so suffice it to say that I’m both extremely excited and extremely nervous!

The presentation is called Pulling the Plug on Rape Culture One Word at a Time: Using Accuracy to Undermine Dangerous Attitudes and Injustice, and my amazing fellow panelists are Abyss2Hope founder Marcella Chester, SAFER co-founder and blogger Ashley Burczak, and SAFER trainer/mentor Ashwini Hardikar.

I think it’s going to be an amazing and rewarding experience, and hope that I’ll see many of you there.  But travel also isn’t cheap.  And I’m sure as hell not rich, especially with plans to travel out of state a private memorial service for my friend next month.  WAM! may help me cover some of the costs — and thankfully the registration fee is comped for presenters — but their assistance is need based and not guaranteed, and requests are asked to be mitigated with funds from other sources.

So that, dear readers, is where you come in.  I’ve never made a personal request for funds before and don’t particularly like doing it.  But looking at a $250 plane ticket, up to $100 a night in a shared hotel room (for four nights) as well as food expenses, there’s little other option.  If you’re able to, please help out.  Any amount will help.

For donations via direct bank account transfer — both my and paypal’s preferred method — please donate here:

For donations via credit card, donate here:

(For those who care to know the details, paypal charges stupid and ridiculous fees on credit card transactions, and for that reason I have both a “premier” account through which I can accept credit card payments but they charge the same fee for bank account transfers, and a “personal” account through which bank account transfers have no fee.  It’s a pain in the ass but the most economical and inexpensive way I’ve come up with to do this.)

I’m putting out a request now, rather early, so that I have an idea of how much to request in assistance from WAM! directly.  Depending on any donations I receive now, any financial assistance I receive from WAM!, and my personal financial situation at the time, I may put out another request closer to the date of the actual conference.

Thanks so much for your support everyone — and remember that Marcella is seeking assistance, too.

0 thoughts on “Women, Action and the Media Conference

  1. Judith

    Good luck, Cara!!! Unfortunately I can’t contribute because I’m broke myself and trying to come up with $1200 for travel expenses to make it to my own conference (global sexual orientation law at UCLA) but I will send lots of moral support and hoping your way.

  2. Kira

    Hugs to those like Judith, above, who are struggling financially right now.
    Cara, I hope the donations flow in.
    It feels good to be able to tangibly support your amazing work, so thank you for asking for help. I hope that other readers, like myself, who are able to contribute right now, will do so.


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