I Laughed; I Cried

From the NY Times Letters, Why Is Abortion Still a Political Issue?

To the Editor:

For some people, abortion is a nonnegotiable issue. A nation that runs out of people cannot perform the activities of a sophisticated society.

We have a shortage of primary care doctors. There are other skilled-worker shortages. You cannot kill the future population of a nation and then wonder why that nation does not have the people it needs to do the jobs it requires to function.

Our nation needs to face up to the 48 million lives lost through abortion since 1973. I think at least some of that number would have become the skilled people we need now and will need even more as our population ages.

Abortion is at the very center of a host of our troubles.

Elinor Hite
Carrollton, Tex., Dec. 7, 2008

It’s the fault of the women! It’s the fault of the women! It’s the fault of the women!

Why, it couldn’t possibly be the fault of the fundamental equalities that we face very day, particularly those oppressions based on sex, race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.  It couldn’t possibly be the fault of lack of access to education thanks to exorbitant costs and a government that sees no need to subsidize the future, or a lack of quality pay and/or benefits in the fields in question, or a simple lack of desire to do the work required.  All of that is ridiculous.

It’s the selfish women!

And by god, it’s impossible that if those “48 million lives” had been brought into the world, they would have followed the same employment trends as the rest of us, meaning that we’d have more doctors but still a shortage thanks to a higher population of people.  And it’s not like women who have abortions tend to skew towards lower incomes, meaning that the percentage of those people actually able to reach the position of primary care physician would likely be even lower than it is now.

Goddamn those women!!!

And thank you Elinor Hite.

0 thoughts on “I Laughed; I Cried

  1. Wendy

    Whaaaaat???? That has to be one of the more stupid letters I’ve read to date (and there are a lot out there) regarding why people are losing their jobs. So let me understand this: If women would just stop having abortions we would not be having an economic crisis right now? Wow. Elinor Hite must hold an economics degree.

  2. James

    Wow. I can respect that for some people, abortion is a non-negotiable moral issue. I can even respect those who worry about the implications of a declining birth rate.

    As you point out, though, the economic argument here is simply nuts. Why would the Times even print a letter that suggests that shortages of skilled workers (at least those needed on a per-person basis) can possibly be cured by increasing the overall population?

  3. Rachel S.

    That’s right up there with William Crystal’s assertion that “if you aborted every black baby the crime rate would go down”. If there was no abortion, we’d have more doctors! But if they’re both right, we’d also have more crime. Go fig.

  4. E.M. Russell

    I had a childhood friend post something terrible today on Facebook. He used the recent arrest of the man having Simpsons child porn as a way to make ANOTHER point about how abortions are wrong and fetuses are life. It really killed all the sweet memories I have of us playing together when we were kids. This post helped me out today. You always are the best at taking the piss out of people trying to make arguements against women and even better at out-smarting those foolish enough to argue your points. Thank you.

  5. rich

    It sounds like she’s channeling Mike Huckabee, though she forgot to mention how illegal immigrants our now taking the jobs of our “aborted workforce.”

    On a more “I had time to kill” note, Elinor Hite rearranged is “Holier Ten I”, which if you say out loud, just about sums up what she thinks of you.

  6. Thealogian

    Have you heard RH Reality Check’s podcast by Amanda Marcotte in which she talks about fetus singing to mommy don’t abort me songs? Its a really good one. She points out that fundies love to transfer their anxieties about their snowflakey unique existence onto these few globs of cells. If you allow women to control their fertility, then they (this special special person writing the mommy don’t abort me song or the fundie buying that song) might not have mad it onto this earth to be that special, unique individual he/she is, golly gee. Anyway, in that letter, I feel like this lady seems to think that American has gone to hell in a handbasket because every one of those 48 million missing babies was going to cure cancer and damnit, by giving women choices, all we’ve ended up with is a generation of wanted children who are spoiled and not fully realizing the potential of their dead brothers and sisters who were good and unique and special. Wanted kids suck because their parents aren’t good stern parents like those in the past who bore their punishment children righteously. I don’t know, maybe I’ve gone a little over here, but I do think that there’s a lot of projection and transference going on in that letter and in the general mentality of those who love to blame abortion FOR EVERYTHING THAT’S GONE WRONG SINCE 1973.

  7. SunlessNick

    Wanted kids suck because their parents aren’t good stern parents like those in the past who bore their punishment children righteously.

    Maybe they envy kids who know they were wanted.

  8. Rebecca

    I love how you can tell the Times leans left – they print letters from both sides, but the letters they print from conservatives are the really stupid ones. 😀

    But seriously, running out of people???

  9. Neon

    This country is facing a desperate shortage of primary care/general practitioner doctors but the primary reason isn’t abortion, it’s the income difference between them and their specialist co workers. If the government were to set up a tax break for primary care docs this wouldn’t be an issue.

    Have there really been 48 million abortions in this country?


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