Breaking: Obama Reverses the Global Gag Rule

It’s official. The gag rule is no more.  (At least until our next anti-choice president, if legislative action isn’t also taken.)

International funding can now go to organizations that provide abortions with other funding, or simply offer counseling about abortion as an option from a different provider.  Desperately poor women with high risk pregnancies won’t have to die because their doctor can’t tell them about termination options.  Many will have more access to safe abortion care, and won’t die or face permanent injury due to risky do-it-yourself procedures.  Women won’t have to get pregnant because their local birth control clinic had to choose between no funding or substandard, dishonest care, and subsequently closed down.

Yes, he’s a day late.  And no, I haven’t quite forgiven him yet for his supposed reasoning on that.  But mainly, I’m just letting out one of the biggest sighs of reliefs I’ve ever sighed.

This is what change can mean. Thousands of women’s lives saved.  And after the past 8 years of this deadly policy, it’s about time.

For an objective look at what the Global Gag Rule entailed, check out this fact sheet from Reuters.  For the pro-choice version, see Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to Colleen for the link to the confirmation I’ve been waiting for all day!

0 thoughts on “Breaking: Obama Reverses the Global Gag Rule

  1. jovan byars

    I think I know why Obama decided to do away with this today, rather than do it yesterday or wait until tommorrow. Saturdays don’t have very many subscribers. I remember reading something about this on Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s web page several years ago.

    Either way, I am glad that this atrocious rule is gone. Now, we need someone to introduce legislation prohibiting the Global Gag Rule from being re-introduced.


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