In Which Chris Matthews Says Something Intelligent

Based on this video, in which President of the Independent Women’s Voice Michelle Bernard and Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards discuss the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act with Chris Matthews, Renee has called Michelle Bernard “colluder of the week” for getting in bed with the patriarchy and arguing that demanding equality is the same thing as behaving like a “victim” (more on this phenomenon here):

But I’ll tell you that what strikes me as particularly interesting is what Chris Matthews has to say. Michelle Bernard argues nonsensically that making pay discrimination illegal will just drive employers into other illegal acts (not hiring women at all), and Cecile Richards holds down the fort with her reasonable arguments and a helpful and relevant reminder that the pay disparity statistics are actually based on people doing the same job.

But Chris Matthews? Captain Sexism himself, Chris Matthews? He makes the most radical argument in favor of greater gender equality in this segment, by correctly arguing that lines of work dominated by women are paid less due almost entirely to gender discrimination. He argues not only that there’s a significant pay disparity that needs to be corrected in jobs where women are doing the same work as men, but also in cases where women are doing different but equally difficult and significant work. And he’s right. Wow.

Michelle Bernard follows up by arguing that if you “choose” to get into a lower-paying profession, then you’re not really a “victim” and therefore have no right to complain. Which, yes, really is colluding with the patriarchy and other oppressive powers in its highest form.  Fuck you, Michelle Bernard.  And though I can’t believe I’m saying it, good work Chris Matthews.

0 thoughts on “In Which Chris Matthews Says Something Intelligent

  1. Kristen

    Eh…I’ve always thought that Matthews was more of an “idiot with a microphone” than a knowing misogynist. [Of course I haven’t watched his show very often so I could be wrong on that.] I’m surprised he noticed the structural sexism, but maybe he’s been talking more women about these issues recently. Or maybe Rachel Maddow smacked him upside the head…hard to tell.

  2. BettyBoondoggle

    “Which, yes, really is colluding with the patriarchy and other oppressive powers in its highest form.”

    Someone should explain to Ms. Bernard that, no matter how hard she tap dances for patriarchy, they’re never going to award her an honorary penis.

  3. Renee

    When I watched the video that was one the hardest things to stomach, Chris Matthews of all people making more sense and producing a more woman friendly argument. When you manage to make him look woman friendly there is something truly wrong with your message. Of course Bernard the colluder will not recognize this. She will continue to labour for the patriarchy in the hopes of being given special privileges.


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