Jim Beam Ad Remakes Even Worse Than Originals

You might have seen the extremely offensive and sexist Australian Jim Beam ad series last year at Hoyden About Town.

The Neighbours shows naked women sunbathing outside in their backyard, with men peeping on them.  The Girlfriend shows a doormat of a woman explaining how she likes when men neglect her.  The Tragedy shows a very attractive woman explaining how she’s sexually attracted to other women.

In all of these, the title of the ad is stated with the word “the” highly emphasized in order to indicate that a phrase like “the girlfriend” means “the ultimate, world’s best girlfriend.” And of course, what could be a bigger tragedy than a woman whose sexuality doesn’t revolve around men?

Now, Jim Beam is holding a video remake contest, where they encourage their “fans” to make their own versions of the commercials.  Obviously, with the ads so offensive in the first place, this was always going to be a disaster. But one particular remake of the Girlfriend is especially appalling.

The original ad:

And, the remake:


Get it? Because what’s better than a woman who doesn’t have any desires or feelings of her own, but only exists for men’s sexual pleasure without pesky little nuisances like consent getting in the way?

Thank fucking god I don’t drink bourbon.  Though, interestingly, I certainly could use a drink.  Perhaps this was their real marketing strategy all along?

Thanks to Jenny for the link.

0 thoughts on “Jim Beam Ad Remakes Even Worse Than Originals

  1. Feminist Avatar

    Although you could read it as ironic; in the sense that it is saying the girlfriend in the original advert was so far from being a real human being, she might as well have been a doll. It points out the misogyny in the original ad by taking the advert to its logical conclusion and uncovering its real message.

    But, perhaps, I am being too generous.

    1. Cara Post author

      Yeah, the second time watching it I thought that interpretation might maybe fly. Until the part where she’s deflated for a laugh. Then my generosity went out the window.

  2. Lemur

    Ew. Ew, ew, ew.
    Sometimes I think, is that all men really want from us? It seems like for most of them, it is.
    And then I get really sad. Gods, now *I* need a drink. Never buying Jim Beam ever again though.

  3. lauredhel

    I’m kinda on the fence with this one too. Most of the text does sound like it’s trying to make fun of the blokes who watch and like this sort of ad, albeit in some fairly tired and stereotypical ways.

    But it does seem rather unlikely to reach its target audience.

  4. Eghead

    Trying to keep track of all the sexist and misogynistic alcohol ads… makes me want to drink. Can we start a feminist brewery?

  5. Claire

    I’m with Feminist Avatar… I think the new one with the doll is just good, clean, feminist satire.

    And even if not… it’s really best that men who find such things appealing go pester blow-up dolls instead of breathing women.

  6. Tally

    I might be the only bourbon drinker here, but that original ad is still embarrassing. Jim Beam is the cheaper stuff anyhow though, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised?

  7. Alex

    To me, the remake is clearly making fun of the original. I think it’s doing a pretty good job highlighting exactly what’s wrong with it too.

    Just one more reason to stick with Maker’s Mark or Wild Turkey.


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