Former Detective Accused of Raping Women Who Sought Police Help

Very Strong Trigger Warning

The Daily Mail reports on former North Wales detective Timothy Michael Jones, who is alleged to have raped two different women who were seeking the help of the police at the time.  The highlighted rape is below, and the description is graphic:

The woman, a heroin addict, had been called to the station to be told that a complaint that she had been gang-raped by three men would not be investigated any further.

[. . .]

Prosecutor Robin Spencer QC claimed at Mold Crown Court that Jones asked if he could have a private word with a family support worker who had accompanied her.

He put the complainant in a side room, then returned and told her he could not believe that she had taken the complaint so far, adding ‘how do you think anyone would believe you,’ it was alleged.

He called the woman a smack-head and a whore. She was shocked and scared and he pushed her against a wall and started to molest her, it is claimed.

Jones then told her to get on to her knees and forced her to perform a sex act, saying ‘I heard that is what you are good at.’

When she said she was not going to do it, he allegedly told her: ‘You are, you know you are.’

Mr Spencer said that the officer then said ‘Let’s finish this off’, pulled off her underwear and had intercourse with her on the floor.

The second alleged rape took place in the victim’s home:

Jones, who faces two rape charges following the allegation in the police station in August 2006, is also charged with raping another woman between March and July 2007 at her home.

She had made a complaint to the police, he visited her bedsit and it was alleged that he had asked her to remove her bra.

But he was back a week later and when she was taking a shower, he burst into the bathroom and raped her, it is alleged.

Oh, and he had previously been in court for an alleged sexual offense against a woman he met while on duty.  Other allegations have also circulated:

Mr Spencer told the jury that in March of last year the defendant, a married man, had been cleared of a sexual offence against a woman he had met fleetingly in the police station.

But in his own evidence in that trial he had told the jury that he had been to her home while off duty, they had kissed and that she had performed a sex act on him, said Mr Spencer.

He had said in his trial that he was ashamed and embarrassed, was not proud of it, and knew that it was wrong on all levels, as a husband, father and police officer.

[. . .]

There were also allegations that he had behaved in a sexually inappropriate way towards other women.

It is of course worth emphasizing that none of these women knew each other, and the allegations were made independently.

I’m at a bit of a loss for what to say, and so I will merely go out on a necessary limb and say this: I believe these women.  I believe the two who have made these most recent allegations.  By extension, I believe the woman who charged Timothy Michael Jones previously, as well as those who claimed that he had acted sexually inappropriate towards them.

I tend to believe rape victims generally.  But I just absolutely cannot believe that so many completely evil, deranged and senselessly vindictive women have all filed horrendous and false charges against this good, innocent man.  Coupled with the low rates of false rape reporting to begin with, I simply feel that it would have to be almost impossible.

I also believe them because I know that in the U.S., at least, police violence is not uncommon, and that includes violence towards womenIt includes sexual violence towards women. It includes many stories that aren’t quite as recent.

And I know that my believing these women doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone else will.  I know that the chances of them being believed are much too low, when a case of non-sexual violence against a 15-year-old girl, violence that was brutal and videotaped, results in questions from reporters about what the girl did wrong.  (Trigger Warning for the video.)×3.swf

Why did she kick her shoe at him, so lightly that it looks to me like it hardly constitutes a “kick” at all?  Obviously that’s the most important question — obviously it’s a relevant question at all.  At least by the standards of a society that views violence against women as normal, police as deserving of their extreme power and justified in their violence, and victims as always under suspicion.

It’s true that this girl was arrested, and not filing a charge, and in the eyes of far too many people that already makes her much less sympathetic.  But we’ve also got a woman above who claims that she was raped in a police station, and who just so happens to be a heroin addict.

And if people are willing to publicly blame beaten 15-year-old girls because they were being “lippy,” if they’re willing to say that she “should have known better” or even had it coming . . . I can only imagine what they’re going to do to the heroin addict who had already filed charges alleging that she was gang raped before.  Not only is she not credible due to her addiction, but she has also claimed rape previously (meaning what’s the big deal now? She’s already damaged goods!) and is prone to filing legal rape charges (meaning they’re always false!).  Talk about “unrapeable.”

I hope the very best for her, and for the other woman who alleges to have been raped by Jones.  I also want to see this piece of scum locked away where he can’t hurt other women for a very, very long time.

And perhaps that’s exactly what will happen.  Perhaps my pessimistic predictions will be proven wrong, and these women will be taken just as seriously as they deserve.  Maybe they will not be called nonsensically vengeful liars, and the jury will not believe that kind of unfair allegation, anyway.  Maybe they will be equally horrified by the brutality, and the license we have seemingly given police officers to behave in this way.

But I find it increasingly hard to hope.

Thanks to Akeeyu for the link.

0 thoughts on “Former Detective Accused of Raping Women Who Sought Police Help

  1. OuyangDan

    The woman, a heroin addict

    I will never understand why this shit is important in news reporting. Ever. Why is it relevant?

    I wish these women justice, and peace, though both will be hard to find.

  2. Breeze

    Given that here in the UK 95% males charged with rape are acquitted the chances alleged rapist Timothy Jones will be convicted are slim. Even more so since he is a retired police officer and of course this means he must be a ‘respectable man!’

    The fact one woman rape survivor was/is a heroin addict is irrelevant but this will be used by defence counsel to discredit this woman’s evidence. I believe these women and yes it is common for male rapists to commit multiple rapes and yes it is even more common for such male rapists not to be ‘deranged monsters’ but ordinary supposedly ‘respectable men!’

    We do indeed live in a rape culture and one moreover wherein male sexual violence against women is denied/excused/justifed or else it is blamed on women for supposedly causing men to rape them.

  3. AshKW

    Oh. My. God. Just, just, oh my god. Let me rush to say that I believe these women. If there’s any way to get that vibe to them, I BELIEVE YOU. Something tells me they’ll need all the belief and support they can get as this thing progresses.

  4. EKSwitaj

    I believe these women too.

    It’s time we started asking who, besides themselves, the police are protecting exactly. There’s a reason a lot of us don’t report being raped.

  5. luke

    “Given that here in the UK 95% males charged with rape are acquitted the chances alleged rapist Timothy Jones will be convicted are slim.”

    Jesus christ, is that true? I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, but this kind of crap always does. Reading through the first half of this post, my initial thoughts were, well at least they caught this guy and he’ll be spending the rest of his life in prison.

    The second half of this post was … Sobering. Depressing. Disillusioning. Heartbreaking. … I just don’t understand how so many can care so little.

  6. SunlessNick

    Jesus christ, is that true?

    Yes. And that’s not even taking into account those who aren’t charged. Rape borders on legal here.

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