Oh yeah.  You know that if the announcement of Beatles Rock Band required a multiple exclamation point title, the remasters finally, finally, finally being released sure as fucking hell deserves an all caps one.

Press release, here. Video, if you can get it to load. (Might play better on Yoko’s site.) The clips they provide in said video sound really good.  At least as good as my bootleg versions, if not better 🙂

But, have I ever mentioned that I hate the Beatles?  Like, really, really hate them?  Well, okay, I obviously don’t mean that.  What I mean is this: they’re releasing two box sets, both of which I need.  One is stereo with all of the albums and a DVD (!) and one is mono, with replicated packaging, and you know, it’s in mono (!!!), which certain albums are just a million, gazillion, other-made-up-words- trillion times better in.  And Rock Band is being released on the same day.

Prices have not yet been announced for said box sets, but I’m guessing that they are going to be around $250 each.  Which is what the Rock Band box set is going to cost. And I’m just really, really hoping that I’m not guessing radically low.  If there is extra special packaging with the box sets, though?  I probably am.  Which would suck.

Where am I going to come up with at least $750 to drop on Beatles shit in a single day?  Oh, you better believe that I have no fucking clue, other than a good chunk of the tax refund I just got back going in savings at the moment. Probably by sitting in my house and not leaving or doing anything fun until 09/09/09.

Somehow, it will happen. It must. But, Dear Beatles, you suck at the same time as you rule.  Really really suck, and really really rule.

I think the below song is highly appropriate for the circumstances:


  1. frau sally benz

    Probably by sitting in my house and not leaving or doing anything fun until 09/09/09.

    LOL that’s exactly what I pictured myself doing. No extra meals, no books, no bars, no nothing.

    Surely, somebody will now have to come up with a countdown widget! I need motivation, especially if I’m going to be a hermit until then.

  2. L. E. Hairstylist

    You’re certainly not the only one who’s going to be sitting at home until September to save up for all this.

    I’m so glad one of my favorite feminist bloggers is such a Beatle fan. Your blog is like my one-stop-shop for greatness.

    1. Cara Post author

      I’m so glad one of my favorite feminist bloggers is such a Beatle fan. Your blog is like my one-stop-shop for greatness.

      Awww . . . that pretty much just made my life 🙂

      Re: not going anywhere or doing anything fun until September, proving our seriousness, the husband and I have just invited ourselves over to my parents’ house for dinner every Sunday until further notice. Haha, my mom’s a great cook, she loves having us over, and it means we avoid eating out!

  3. jovan byars

    I already have every single Led Zeppelin album, with the exception of the BBC Recordings. That is not really high on my radar right now.

    One mono album I really need from the Beatles is 1967’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    Every other Beatles album I’m buying will be in stereo form, since there are no other notable medleys/suites from the group that I am aware of.

    1. Cara Post author

      Well, unfortunately it looks like the mono versions are only going to be available in the box set. Since they’re assuming, and they’re probably right, that there’s going to be a limited audience for them.

      But you’re absolutely correct that you need the mono version of Sgt. Pepper’s. As I always tell people: if you have not heard mono Sgt. Pepper’s, you have not heard Sgt. Pepper’s. Period.

  4. meghanelaine

    I love you for this post, srsly. I’m with LE Hairstylist on this one ^^ When I first found this blog I was all like “Feminism, neato! — wait, THE BEATLES???” And then it got added to my bookmarks. 😛

    Sadly I probably won’t be getting Beatles Rock Band for awhile after it comes out since I don’t actually have any game consoles since they were stolen… *sigh* But I can ask for one for… my half birthday? 😛 I dunno.

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  6. jovan byars

    The mono box is already the 15th best selling product in Music right now on There is a limit of 10,000 copies and I am afraid that all of them will be gone by September 9.

    1. Cara Post author

      Hey Jovan,

      I was trying to figure out how all of them were going to last through the end of July, but Apple ended up changing the product description and clarifying. The set is limited, but they won’t say to how many — there is a limit to 10,000 copies with regards to how many are numbered. Which sucks, because I really wanted a numbered one! LOL. Hopefully the fact that I ordered the morning it became available on Amazon means that I might get one . . .

  7. jovan byars

    Exactly one month to go before the release.

    I asked a worker at FYE in the Aiken (SC) Mall about the mono version, and she said that the sale price will be about $249.99.

    Also, a poster at responded to my question with this:

    Each person (like you) can only buy no more than 10,000 copies each

    1. Cara Post author

      Actually, you’re wrong — it’s 27 DAYS!!! As you can see in the countdown in the sidebar.

      Amazon is selling the mono set for $230, and stereo for $200. That’s where I’m getting both of mine (with one day shipping, of course).


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