One Thing

Sexual Assault Awareness Month may be almost over, but you know that we’re always about sexual assault awareness around here. Check out this video made for SAAM by the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services. It’s called “One Thing,” and it’s pretty great attempt at breaking the silence surrounding sexual violence and exposing some rape apologist myths:

There’s a 30 second version also available on YouTube, though I have to say that I definitely prefer the  more informative “longer” version.

I’d love to see a nation-wide campaign like this, where survivors get to speak for themselves, tell the truth, show their support for other survivors and demand acknowledgment and respect. What do you think?

0 thoughts on “One Thing

  1. Jason

    Very interesting- I definately liked that they put a man in there, because yes- men can be victims too, although I’m willing to bet most male victims wouldn’t admit it. Society tells us that men who are abused, raped, assaulted, etc are “weak” for “allowing” it to happen, and they are often treated badly for admitting to it.

    …Hey, guess what?

    I am a surviver of rape and sexual assault.

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