Beatles Rock Band Updates


No, dear readers, the above image is not a fan-made mock up.  It is the real packaging for the Beatles Rock Band game (at least, if you’re buying the bundle pack).  For those who haven’t seen it, such packaging has indeed been released.  I thought I’d share the good news, along with other Rock Band revelations, for those who do not follow such things quite as obsessively as I, or who would at least care to discuss them.

First up, in addition to packaging, the contents of the bundle pack have been revealed.  It will contain a Hofner Bass Controller, microphone with mic stand, and Beatles-branded Rock Band drums.  Details on the drums have not yet been confirmed, but this is what extraordinarily exciting things Kotaku has been reporting:

Beatlesque and Ludwig-branded Rock Band drums with classic pearl finish, a metal kick pedal and a vintage replica drumhead

In other words, fucking sweet.  And I’m going to finally have to teach myself how to play drums.

No word yet on what the guitar controllers for our beloved John and George will be — though standalone guitars have already been announced to be priced at $99.99 — but there is quite a bit of talk going on around that mic stand. Why? Well, first off, it’s the first Rock Band game to come with one. Big deal, right? Actually, it may be.

There is a rather persistent rumor going around that there is a microphone stand in the bundle because the game is going to support three-part harmonies.  Yes, you read that correctly: three-part harmonies.

This is, however, a rumor which I am loath to believe until it is officially, 100% confirmed.  The reason is that I have been not-so-secretly wanting an option to sing backup vocals in this game pretty much since it was first announced.  (I also want rhythm guitar. Heh.)  I mean, it’s the fucking Beatles.  Especially for their earlier work, it almost seems like a necessity.  But, I never, in a million years, expected it to actually come true.  Now, the chance that it might is almost too much to take — and far too much to believe only to have it turn out to be hot air.  Waiting for that confirmation, folks.  And whatever the case may be, a mic stand will certainly come in handy — seeing as how I plan to (try to) sing and play “guitar” at the same time.

But, speaking of rumors, some interesting things have come out of Dhani Harrison’s mouth lately.  Dhani (George’s son) was basically responsible for getting Apple to go along with the idea of the game in the first place.  In an interview with Bullz-Eye, he said this:

So I have ad several meetings with Alex Rigopulos, who’s a genius, who’s the loveliest, loveliest guy; the CEO of Harmonix. We were sitting around one day, and he just said to me, “Do you think they would ever go for a Beatle game?” And I was thinking the same thing to talk to him about! “It would be amazing, wouldn’t it?” I said to him. Actually, I think I said, “It would be amazing because I could kick your ass at ‘I Am the Walrus’ while dressed as a wizard in Shea Stadium.” Do you know what I mean? Or I could put on the ice skating outfit from ‘Help!’ and then beat you at ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ in the universe somewhere. I don’t know. Just make up whatever you can; ‘I Am the Walrus’ at the Cavern Club, even. Wouldn’t that be fun? And we both just started riffing on that kind of stuff until we both just were in hysterics, and it was obviously a brilliant idea

Um, yes it is a brilliant idea!  This is also pretty much exactly what I want out of the game.  I mean, after I go through and play it all “correctly” with the right clothes for the right songs and the right venues, I want to fuck around and engage in that kind of Beatles hilarity.  In other words: let’s hope they listened to Dhani.  Especially since the dude also talks about the possibility of game expansion packs that include tracks from the Beatles’ solo careers.

And you know that I have saved the best for last.  Oh, have I ever.

Last week, Paul McCartney debuted footage of Beatles Rock Band during his Coachella performance.  For real.

Unfortunately, there is no official video.  But luckily, plenty of fans caught some of the action.  Yes, watching these videos will indeed incite you to scream for the camera to stop panning to Paul because we know what he looks like, but check out what you can all the same:

Fellow hardcore Beatles fans will of course notice the extreme attention to detail that has been paid here, and will say to themselves “oh, hey, so that’s based off of the Lady Madonna/Hey Bulldog clips,” etc.

And if you’re like me, you will also get up out of your seat and jump around the room and proceed to rewatch said videos like 50 times.

So, folks — what do you think?  On the rumors, on the clips, on all of it?  Are you as excited about the peripherals but pissed off about the pricing just as much as I am?  Speaking of which, how is Operation Don’t Do Anything Fun Until 09.09.09 coming along for everyone?  And most importantly of all — where are you pre-ordering your game?

(p.s. Beatles Rock Band updates get posted far more quickly to my Tumblr.)

0 thoughts on “Beatles Rock Band Updates

  1. L. E. Hairstylist

    Three. Part. HARMONIES?!

    I already sing the backing vocals to Octopus’s Garden and the harmony part to a lot of earlier songs in the shower. The option to do that on Beatles Rock band would seriously make my life.

    Also, I KNEW I loved Dhani Harrison so much for a reason.

    1. Cara Post author

      DON’T BELIEVE IT TIL WE SEE IT FOR REAL. I mean, Kotaku’s statement that three part harmonies are a part of the official retail description is fairly compelling . . . but seeing as how they don’t name a source, I’m waiting. Waiting waiting waiting.

      But yeah. It would pretty much make my entire life, too. Like, forever. I mean, the game already kind of makes my life forever, but that would extra make it.

      Which is why I’m not believing it until it’s confirmed.

      And I know. Dhani rules. Love him. As I said earlier on my Tumblr, Sean needs to step up his game, because Dhani is on the fast track to becoming my favorite Beatle kid.

  2. Theora

    But will there be a proper left-handed guitar controller? Not that lefty-flip crap that batters the whammy bar into your wrist, but an actual designed-for-left-handed-person controller? Because I’d buy the entire new kit just for that.

    1. Cara Post author

      Well, if the bass controller was truly authentic, it would in fact be left-handed, and they’d make all of us righties suffer instead . . .

  3. Elayne Riggs

    I’m not screaming for the camera to pan away from Macca. It’s his concert, after all. I mean, come on, Cara. Behave or I won’t donate any money toward your 09-09-09 campaign. 🙂

  4. Julian

    Just reading this thread makes me remember what being at a Beatles Festival was like.

    “I am with my people!”


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