Help Send Single Mothers to the Allied Media Conference

speakThe Allied Media Conference, which is about “[sharing] tools and tactics for transforming our communities through media-based organizing,” is being held this July.  I’ve never been, but I know that it’s a really important event to a whole lot of womanists, feminists and radical women of color.

And I’ve just learned through BFP’s blog that the AMC needs a lot of money to help ensure that single mothers, who so often get left out of conference events, will be able to attend and participate.  She writes:

Why do we need single mamis at this conference?

It’s funny you should ask. Mamis of color are leaders in creating media that services the communities most in need radical media justice. They’ve created zines, blog communities, news papers, radio shows. They write and speak with children on their hips, on their breasts, and with the most limited resources possible. They can make a meeting happen with three people in three different cities, one car, and an awesome white dude. They don’t leave their neighbors behind because it’s a car with four seats, they make more seats in the car.

This is leadership. Single mamis of color are the leaders of the media justice movement, and I really am not sure why or how we would have a conference if they weren’t there.

So they need your help getting these women there in July.  Click here to contribute by buying a SPEAK! CD. The CD itself includes all kinds of amazing stuff.  And the suggested donation amount is $12, but you can also choose to donate more than that — as much as your heart desires and your wallet will allow.

Go, now, donate! And then put the call out on your blog, your twitter, facebook, whatever it is you use, and get the people you know to do the same.

cross-posted at Feministe

0 thoughts on “Help Send Single Mothers to the Allied Media Conference

    1. Cara Post author

      No problem, I’m glad to do what I can 🙂 I’m hoping that between here and Feministe, you’ll get some donations coming in. As a completely coincidental bonus, Julie at Feministe put up a glowing review of the Speak! CD a couple of hours after I put up mine. So that excites me, and I’m hoping it’s some sort of sign!


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