Help a Blogger Recover From Foreclosure

Trans rights blogger Voz has put out a call for help for her and her partner. Like so many sadly are these days, they’re losing their home to foreclosure, and need the help to get back on their feet again and ensure that they have a place to live.  She writes:

As many of you know, my partner and I are losing our home and most of our belongings tomorrow to foreclosure.

Tho it pains me to do so, I am asking for donations to start our new life, and help build our new subsistence farm and eco homestead. We’ll dedicate a sapling to you or something, and welcome visitors.

There is a tax penalty on the land we bought of $2700.00 that must be paid before we can build. If u can’t send money, send your leftover seed packets from your garden.

If you can, send something to:
Alyssa and Crystal C.
PO Box 231
Richmond, ME 04357

Or to my PayPal, if you actually have money.

Thanks in advance

Time of course are tough right now, and a whole lot of us are strapped for cash.  But if you’re able to help a fellow blogger out, please do.

0 thoughts on “Help a Blogger Recover From Foreclosure

  1. Mireille

    I would help if I could, but I just went through a foreclosure myself last month… Fortunately I got an apartment before my credit went completely to pot. Don’t cry for me, Argentina.


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