50 Books for Problematic Times

About a month ago, Newsweek released a list of “50 Books For Our Times” — 50 books that open a window to the modern world in which we live. RMJ at Deeply Problematic reviewed this list, and noticed that, apparently, the modern world is remarkably white, male and straight. The writers on this list were, in fact: 84% white, 78% male, 96% straight, 66% both white and male, and 98% either white or male.

Not very “modern,” eh?

In response, RMJ decided to compile a list of 50 Books for Problematic Times, “a list of 50 writers who shed light on society as it is today (its virtues and its flaws) without the benefit of bodies that fit into the canon,” and solicited list entries from readers of the blog and various feminist writers.

The series kicks off today, and I get the honor of having my selection go first. It’s a little bit out of the box for what you might expect from the list, though regular readers wouldn’t consider it out of the box at all with regards to what they might expect from me. After all, it’s a book written by my absolute favorite lady, Yoko Ono. Check it out.

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the series over at Deeply Problematic. One list entry will be posted per day, and I’m excited to see what the other choices are!

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