The Beatles: Rock Band: Top 10 Desired DLC Tracks

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With less than 11 full days to go until 09.09.09 (OMG!), you shouldn’t be surprised that I’m inundating you with The Beatles: Rock Band coverage. Especially having played the Best Buy demo on Tuesday (unfortunately only on guitar — stupid Best Buy only having one instrument), I’m more excited now than I’ve ever been. Because playing that demo Was. Fucking. Awesome. And, in fact, I’ve got a massive post coming at you on the last Saturday before the game’s release!

I’ll admit that I’m still a little hung up on songs that aren’t going to be in the game. But I’m also in high hopes that in addition to doing full album downloads, they’ll also do some plain old single song downloads and/or download packs! After all, that would be the smart thing to do, yes? So I’m giving my disappointment as positive a spin as I know how — by making a list not of songs that should have been in the game, but of songs that I desperately hope will eventually be available as downloadable content! It’s a bit heavy on early Beatles, even though when forced to choose I’m definitely a late Beatles kinda person, because I think that early Beatles songs totally got shafted in terms of song ratio. (Hey, something had to get shafted, but I’m just saying!)

Here we go:

1. She Loves You

Again, enormous sin to not have it in the game. As it was recorded on two-track tape, a part of me almost wants to say that Giles Martin implored them “please, no more than these five songs!” — but that’s hardly an excuse. Come on, now. If you are going to make time to separate out the tracks on Boys, you can do it for She Loves You. It’s one of the Beatles’ most signature tunes, and certainly one of the most exuberant, not to mention a great drum track from Ringo.

2. Help!

It’s not even on two-track! No excuse at all. I think that the vocals would be particularly fun, and that it would be a huge DLC hit for them if they did it.

3. Strawberry Fields

John’s signature song. I don’t know how fun it would be for the full band, but guitar simply can win every time. Again — they made I Am The Walrus work, they can make this work.Ā  And they should. (Just imagine the dreamscape!)

4. Rain

Ringo’s greatest drum track, and one of the songs I’ve seen the most people lament not being included, and so it would be a perfect DLC.

5. Happiness is a Warm Gun

So many different styles, one song. How much fun would it be to go through them all?

6. Please Please Me

It seems that many U.S. fans completely ignore this song, but I know that U.K. fans have to be in shock over this exclusion. The Beatles’ first number one hit (don’t give me technicalities, die-hards — it was number one on the chart that counted), and a catchy-as-hell little number. Not to mention, we totally need more songs to play in the Cavern!

7. All My Loving

Yet another two-track song. I know I’m killing you here, Giles and team, but what can I say? It’s a classic Beatles hit, not to mention a major staple of their live shows for a year or two. I mainly want it for vocals, guitar, and just plain old love of the song.

8. I’m Down

Just because there’s no keyboard in the game doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be kickass to play! You cannot have a Shea Stadium venue in the game — hell, you cannot just plain old pretend to be the Beatles playing live! — and then not make this song available.

9. Glass Onion

Great, funky track. It’d be a blast.

10. What You’re Doing

Odd pick, perhaps! But someone has to give Beatles For Sale some love, right? Also, I think this song goes unfairly ignored. A throwaway it may be, but what a ridiculously awesome throwaway. It’s catchy as hell, the beginning and ending drums are amazing, the guitar has a great little hook, and the vocals are much too fun to sing along to. An outside possibility, yes, but I’m telling you, it’d be a damn good one.

What do you hope is made available as downloadable content? Leave your hopes and dreams in the comments, and hope further that Harmonix is spending some time googling their own game šŸ˜‰

0 thoughts on “The Beatles: Rock Band: Top 10 Desired DLC Tracks

    1. Cara Post author

      Paul — I can’t remember where I read it at the moment and don’t have the time to look it up, but while it reached #2 in the official UK Singles Chart, at the time that wasn’t the chart that anyone actually payed attention to. The one that was payed attention to, and popularly referenced when talking about “having a number one” was a particular radio airplay chart. That I can’t remember the name of at the moment, as I don’t live in the UK and therefore wouldn’t be familiar with it šŸ™‚ The Beatles, George Martin, et al., always talk of it as their first number on hit. It was actually only quite recently that I learned it wasn’t “really” number one.

      1. Cara Post author

        Aha! Should have known that obsessive me wouldn’t have been able to stop thinking about where I’d read that. It’s Northern Songs, a great and well-researched, if dense, book. Page 15:

        …it reached number two in the ‘official’ Record Retailer chart but topped the ‘unofficial’ New Musical Express chart which, according to Stephen James, meant that “as far as we were concerned it went to number one”…

        Again, if you watch the Anthology, etc., you’ll see it referred to as their first number one, as being a number one hit, etc. That’s why, even though it “officially” only made it to number two.

  1. Cris

    The trouble with doing “I’m Down” at Shea Stadium is that to do it right, you have to play the keyboard with your elbow.

  2. Anna

    But remember that they only announced 44 of the 45 tracks. Hopefully one of the songs you listed will be that 45th “secret” track. And if it isn’t, I am sure we will see it as DLC (I hope).

    1. Cara Post author

      Yeah, sadly (because Abbey Road is already announced as DLC and we already have 5 of 17 tracks in the game), I’m expecting the final song to be The End. The unannounced song, I’m absolutely convinced, is going to be the last song in the game. And I don’t think anything here would be used as the last song.

      If I got to personally pick the last song in the game given all the information we’ve currently been given, I would actually choose Free As a Bird. And I’m still holding out some sort of small hope that it might be, but it’s probably unlikely.

  3. Julian

    Hi Cara,

    I’ve been away from here too long!!!!

    I’m in sync with you with most of your list. “She Loves You” is a cultural classic, and “Boys” is not. And most on your list are, as you note, no-brainers for being included in the game. “What You’re Doing” is the bomb. And “Things We Said Today” might make my list also.

    As for “Please Please Me”, the single, it went to #1 on more than one chart in the UK, most notably New Musical Express and Melody Maker.

    It was also the first song (r&r song, maybe) to use the same word twice in a title in two grammatical forms.

    For more, see here.

  4. Chris

    Your list is pretty awesome! It’s got a lot of the same songs I’m thinking. The early songs did get shafted, and they’re my favorites. I think A Hard Day’s Night, Help!, and Revolover need to be DLC as full albums though, and some more tracks from Beatles For Sale would do it. It is ridiculous that “The End” made it into the game three times (if you download the full Abbey Road album). The Ballad of John and Yoko would be a great song for bass. But I know I’m asking a lot. Nice post!


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