Dark Horse

George Harison in 1969 with long hair and beard sits in the studio playing a guitar.

Ten years ago, George Harrison died.

John Lennon was always dead. For me, there literally was not ever a time when he was alive. It’s not just that I don’t remember him. It’s that he was gone before I was even born.

But George, I remember. Not just from the countless DVDs, both legitimate and bootleg, not just a manufactured “memory.” But in real time. Once, George Harrison was a living, breathing part of the world I lived in. And then, one day, he wasn’t.

And though it sounds strange to say, I miss him. Not like I miss Mink, of course. Nor like I miss my friend whose death anniversary also just passed. But in a way, yes, like an old friend. I miss him. And this material world is a lesser place for his loss.

VIDEO: George Harrison’s song Be Here Now plays over an image of the cover to his album Living in the Material World. Be Here Now lyrics.

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